Mindful Herbal Tea Making

By Lead Clinical Psychologist Dr Jaswyn Chin & Physician Ong

27 June & 9 July 2023

This workshop is a collaborative session with a clinical psychologist and TCM physician and was first introduced at Wellness Festival Singapore. Through this session, participants learnt more about the practice of mindfulness; how mindfulness can promote better mental wellbeing, and how to apply concepts of mindfulness in their daily lives through a fun-filled herbal tea making activity.

The workshop began with an introduction to mindfulness practices by our psychologist, followed by a session with our TCM physician, who took participants through an exploratory learning journey on popular herbs that they could use for their very own tea blend. During the session, they also learnt about the scents, tastes and benefits of these herbs, all while practising mindfulness.

At the end of the workshop, participants could bring home their carefully selected, hand-packed herbal blends home to enjoy with their loved ones.

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