Eating Well for Mental Health

By Senior Clinical Dietitian Adelyn Khoo

Do you often feel less productive and not able to concentrate easily during the (working) day? It is common to hear of people having brain fog after the pandemic too. Healthy eating is a challenge for working Singaporeans, mainly because it is a reflection of the existing unhealthy habits we have, and the food choices we make. The good news is, changing to positive nutrition habits does not take long to have an impact on you.

Good nutrition plays a vital role in managing mental health and workplace wellbeing. There are short-term benefits of eating well (e.g. increased energy, improved productivity etc), and long-term benefits (reduce risk of heart disease, obesity and illness). Our PULSE+ Allied Clinical Dietitian will give you tips on how you can start the change and develop healthy eating habits that will help you feel your best and perform better at work.

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