Coping with Cancer: Managing Nutrition and Stress

By Lead Clinical Dietitian Anna Lim & Lead Clinical Psychologist Dr Jaswyn Chin

In this talk for Cancer365, our PULSE+ Allied Health clinical dietitian Anna Lim and clinical psychologist Dr. Jaswyn Chin shared crucial knowledge on managing a difficult cancer diagnosis with healthier & effective strategies for nutrition and mental wellness.


Dietitian Anna uncovered some about common misconceptions and mistakes about eating for cancer instead of following popular generic advice and taking expensive supplements or ingredients. Participants learnt how they could feed their bodies correctly without missing out on important nutrients and keep it strong, without complicated or expensive food/supplements.


Being diagnosed with cancer can be a very emotional journey for both patients and their caregivers. Common issues include grief over loss of health, fears of death, pain, treatment, and possibility of relapsing even after completing their treatment; as well as possible loss of income and the financial burden. Dr Jaswyn shared about the emotional experiences for both cancer patients and their caregivers, as well as learn coping strategies to deal with these emotions.

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