A Psychology and TCM perspective on Managing Insomnia

By Lead Clinical Psychologist Dr Jaswyn Chin & TCM Physician Beatrice

14 March 2023

Insomnia is one of the most prevalent sleep disorders. According to various studies worldwide, insomnia affects about 10-30% of the population, with some countries as high as 50-60%. This lack of sleep can lead to impairment in daily functioning, such as poorer work performance, reduced quality of life, or even increase the risk of road accidents.

In this East meets West approach to insomnia, our Lead Clinical Psychologist shares more about the factors that contribute to insomnia and some general sleep hygiene strategies that can help manage sleeplessness. Our physician will also share the TCM perspective on managing insomnia and therapies that can help, and demonstrate acupressure exercises to help you relax.

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