Dietitian Adelyn Khoo

Senior Clinical Dietitian

-Prov. Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Dietitians Australia
-Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics, Adelaide

Languages: English, Mandarin, Malay


Adelyn has over 9 years of experience as a dietitian, having seen 3000+ clients for medical nutrition therapy sessions for various issues, from weight loss, weight gain, high cholesterol, heart disease, fatty liver, hypertension, (pre-) diabetes, gut health, IBS & digestive issues, sports nutrition (muscle gain), osteoporosis, fertility, maternal nutrition and more.

Adelyn’s experience working alongside traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) physicians at PULSE also gives her the unique expertise in integrating TCM with medical dietetics. She is able to help incorporate clients’ TCM diagnosis and recommendations into their nutrition plan.

Rather than simply instructing clients what to do, Adelyn believes in focusing on what the client wants to achieve and empowering them to make the right choices to reach their health goals.


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